Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Best of the 2012-2013 School Year

 First day of 2nd Grade
 First day of Kindergarten
 On picture day I snapped a pic of my own after school

 She was awarded the "Loyalty" honor out of her class this year

I got to volunteer at the Kindergarten Zoo day

 The  Kindergarten Christmas Party with Ms. Leon was so much fun. Before the party she received the "Friendship" award for Kindergarten this year.
 Ms. Leon organized a service project at the nursing home close to the school. One of the many reasons we loved Ms. Leon--a fantastic teacher!
 The last day of school was MUCH less sober than the first day. They were so giddy.
...I was giddy too. We couldn't stop laughing... Summer Time!!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Special Baptism...A Special Day

 Here are the two freshly baptized members together
 Enjoying the chocolate fountain

Love this girl

Thursday, December 06, 2012

2012 Birthdays!
A "Flower party" and cake was her request with 7 candles! And then jumping on the Mooso's bouncy Castle!

 2 days later came my birthday! My sister gave me the best gift--a picnic lunch at the park with her! While the cousins played, we munched on yummy sandwiches and sipped soda. Dreamy!
 3 months later a special birthday happened. NUMBER ONE! oh my sweetie. The whole day I kept thinking..."I just HAD a baby....I JUST had a baby!" and she's now a tod. She took her first steps just before the big day and has been running ever since. I love you, Blue Bit.
 Her birthday was DINOSAUR THEMED! which was so much fun and so refreshing for all of us to take a break from pink and walk on the wild side.  The girls made "dinosaur eggs" and I hid treasures in them before they hardened. Then they painted them and were hidden for the party. All the guests got to find one egg and bust them opened.
 The prize inside was yours to keep. This was so much fun though I have no picture of the eggs busting open; we were having way too much fun to stop and film.
 We love our Tiny.
 She thought it was hilarious that she jumped into the bath with PJs on one day. I started the water and went to go find her. After walking around the house and not seeing her I came back to the tub and there she was. It was a covert op. (why did she bring the brush with her?)

She devoured the cake. She throws down at meal time.
 NEXT....A Three-year-old "dress up" party! Just in time for Halloween.

My unpredictable Girl! I never know what she will say and what she will do. Makes everyday an adventure. The comments she gets from people all the time is..."now, you must be the "wild one?" Now she just nods her head and says, "Yes, I'm the wild one...I'm 3!" People also often tell her that her hair has grown in nicely so she tells me all the time how LONG her hair is (ha!). Sometimes I forget how bald she was just last year though. She can be my wild woman at times, but she can melt my heart faster than just about anyone. Love you, Thunder Cat.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Finale of Summer 2012

 When we weren't road tripin' or gardening we did a lot of backyard swimming
 (Venice finally learned to swim)....
 And trips to the Zoo

 ...The County Fair

 Painting! When my folks were out of town we painted their room
I don't know if it was a gift or a prank...

Lots of park fun

 The Mooso Cabin! Garden Valley was so beautiful in the summer!

 This river was cold...but the hot pots were warm!!!
 hanging out in the natural hot springs pools.
One last road trip! CA again this time for a surprise party for Poppy
The men wore kilts. Everyone was checking out the man pumping gas in a kilt
Most of the fam is pictured. Nana and Poppy were SO surprised.

 The party was adults only so it was fun catching up with friends!
 The girls enjoyed seeing cousins
This summer was action packed! It was exhausting and wonderful. Have to say I felt a bit of the blues when school started up. 2012 was a great summer.